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WordPress professional, computer industry veteran, photographer, scuba diver, lifelong geek, owner of 47scapes.

Peter Liu is a jack of many trades. Among other things, he is a WordPress developer, technical management professional, computer industry veteran, photographer, videographer, scuba diver, and founder, chief cook and bottle washer at 47scapes.

He moved to Maui from the Silicon Valley in 2005 to expand his horizons after a successful career in the computer industry, where he gained extensive experience in technical support, software development, marketing, and management, of both people and projects. He witnessed first hand the growth of the industry from mainframes to the internet, working for NetscapeSun MicrosystemsiPlanetAmdahl  and Syncsort.

After another successful career in photography, marketing, and social media, Peter realized that everything he does relies on increasingly sophisticated technology, and his prior knowledge and experience comes into play on a daily basis, no matter what field he goes into.

Today, Peter focuses on solving technology problems for individuals and businesses.

Stress-Free WordPress Hosting and Development Solutions

WordPress is used by over 30% of all websites today, but it can come with its share of headaches—unresponsive and unreliable hosting companies, slow performance, poor security, hacked websites, unsavory sales tactics, and a whole list of other frustrations.

Offering a range of services to make your life easier

Speed, reliability, security, and peace of mind for your website

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