Sunset in a Hurry!

Kihei Neighborhood Sunset
Okay… I almost never do this kind of thing, but here I was in the kitchen prepping dinner, and I look out the lanai and see the sun emerge under the clouds over my neighbor’s roof near sunset, and it’s perfect. I knew I didn’t have time to get in the car and race down to the beach, and dinner would have been ruined if I tried, so I grabbed the camera, went out to the lanai, bumped the ISO as high as I dared and shot this in HDR.

So, I apologize that f/8 wasn’t enough to get anywhere past my neighbor’s roof, and that I had to do this in HDR because I didn’t have my P-mount mounted or my ND grads handy, or any number of things that made this shot not work, but dammit, I love it! So there!!

Aloha Friday!


  1. Barbara Carlson says

    You are like the cook who apologizes for something at dinner that no one else notices. But it was fun to read about your frustrations. Nice shot!

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