Portraits of Jen Russo

Jen Russo
My friend Jen Russo and I have been trying to schedule a time to do some headshots for our Maui Social Media Users Group for several weeks. With both of us running around the island all the time, it’s been nearly impossible. Yesterday, we both happened to be on the west side, so she took some time out from working at the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival and we finally got these shots done at Honua Kai. Not my favorite time of day to shoot, but we found a shady spot  and made it work.

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  1. I like the second to last shot. I think her smile is most natural in that one. Beautiful photos of a beautiful lady.

  2. Beautiful! It’s always hard to choose from your shots because all are lovely. I like like first one with the big smile, and I like the second one for a bit more sophisticated smile. I like the foruth shot too. Ah, I am not much help am i ;) Whatever you pick is good :)

  3. I liked the last one. The background is more spectacular and the angles are good. It was fun taking these shots!

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