Maui Sunset in November

Kihei SunsetOne of the things I find fascinating about Maui sunsets is where the sun actually sets along the horizon depending on the time of year. Along the south shore, where I live, the sun sets behind the island of Lanaʻi during the “summer” months, so from my vantage point, it goes down behind the West Maui Mountains, otherwise known as Mauna Kahalawai.

We’re in November now, well in the “winter” months. This is my favorite time of year to shoot sunsets on Maui, because the sun has swung southward toward Kahoʻolawe and it goes down right on the water as seen from South Maui. It will keep migrating south over the next couple of months or so, and will eventually be obscured by Kahoʻolawe before swinging back the other way toward Lanaʻi again.

The tricky thing about Maui sunsets at this time of year is we’re in the stormy season, so we never know what the sky is going to look like. We can usually count on clouds, and sometimes they act as canvasses for some brilliant light paintings as the sun rises or sets, and sometimes, like this evening, the sun peeks through for just a few minutes before disappearing under the dark clouds, leaving not much more than a red flare on the horizon.

It never gets old though. I could come out here with the tripod every day just to see what it’s going to do. No two Maui sunsets are ever alike. Even the boring ones can be amazing.

See some of my older posts for sunsets you might have missed, and stay tuned for more. Maybe I’ll see you on the beach sometime if you’re on the island.
Kihei Sunset


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