Maximizing Social Media in Your Marketing Plan

Here are the slides from the Maximizing Social Media in Your Marketing Plan workshop.

New Job at Bump Networks

Bump Networks

I started a new job as a project manager at Bump Networks this week. When I left my last job 10 years ago, social media wasn’t a common phrase, Facebook was almost brand new and Twitter wasn’t even around. Many companies we see on the Web today were still struggling with new IT infrastructures to […]

Grand Wailea Fireworks New Year 2014

New Year's Fireworks 2014

Just about every year, the Grand Wailea on Maui has a fireworks show at the stroke of midnight. It’s an institution. People occupy every beach or residence in Kihei within site of the Grand Wailea fireworks, often trying to compete with fireworks of their own. This year, we visited with our friends Susan and Doug […]

Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2014

Kona Sunset

Another New Year’s Eve is upon us, and it’s time for one last look back on the year. Fortunately, with tools such as Instagram at our disposal, capturing a moment is as easy as pointing your phone and tapping a button. Harnessing those memories can be a bit of a challenge, as Instagram doesn’t really […]

Maui Sunset in November

Kihei Sunset

One of the things I find fascinating about Maui sunsets is where the sun actually sets along the horizon depending on the time of year. Along the south shore, where I live, the sun sets behind the island of Lanaʻi during the “summer” months, so from my vantage point, it goes down behind the West […]