Kihei Sunrise

First glow of sunrise on the West Maui Mountains as seen from the beach in Kihei, Maui.Every so often, I’m inspired to do a sunrise photowalk. My cat woke me at around 5:00 a.m. and I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided this morning was as good as any to get up and go.

I’m the type who likes to get all set up and ready to catch the first hint of sunrise glow, but I live in South Maui, and rising to the east between the sunrise and me, is Maui’s 10,000-foot volcano, Haleakala.

This makes shooting a sunrise from my side of the island a little tricky, because I have to work fast. By the time the sun appears over the top of the mountain, it’s already pretty high in the sky, and thus fairly bright. I only have a few minutes to catch the first morning glows, and within an hour or so, the light starts to become harsh.Sunrise developing on the West Maui Mountains above Ma'alaea, as seen from Kihei.This morning was extraordinarily clear (meaning they weren’t burning cane), and the glows were lovely. Some days, it’s worth having a cat be your alarm clock.Panorama of Ma'alaea and the West Maui Mountains at sunrise as seen from Kihei.


  1. Cheryl Sloan says

    Very nice Peter, and I enjoyed the explanation. I never even thought of getting up at that hour when I’m awake and going to the beach for photos. With my since of direction I’d probably go to the wrong beach in the wrong direction. LOL

    Looks very different early morning.


    • says

      Thanks Cheryl! If you’re shooting on the sunrise side, you really do have to be up and ready in the dark, waiting for dawn to arrive. It’ll look a lot like a sunset through the lens though, with a morning sky. I prefer to shoot sunrises with my back to the sun and watch the colors develop. The good news is on an island like this, where the sun has to clear a mountain first, you have plenty of early daylight time to figure out where you’re going. :) Aloha…

  2. says

    Hi Peter.

    When I feel like life gets a little hectic on my side of the world, I take a minute to visit your website/blog. I truly enjoy your images as they remind me that life is beautiful. Mahalo! YOU ROCK BIG TIME!


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