Kaupo Church Panorama

Kaupo Church PanoramaI make a point of going on a photowalk of some kind on my birthday (though sometimes it’s a photodive). I turned 50 a couple of month ago and went for a drive out to Kaupo, but haven’t had time to do anything with the photos until now.

Here’s a panorama of the Kaupo church. I don’t normally shoot landscapes at the height of the day like this, but the colors were striking and I loved the different shades in the water. Now all I need is some wall space.

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  1. Awesome shot! I see a header for a blog on this photo ;)

  2. Allison Gordon says:

    This is beautiful!

  3. Lisamarie ********** says:

    I like the T effect of sky, water and land…very nice! Wow, that spot hasn’t changed in 27 years…went scuba diving by there and saw a magnificent nurse shark over a 1/4 century ago.


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