Importing Camera To iPad To Lightroom

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

When I ordered my 64GB iPad, my intention was to see if I could use it as a 90% laptop replacement. I’ve been using the Google cloud for my productivity more and more lately, so I’m really just down to the apps I need for photography, namely Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, and presentations (though my slides are in Google Docs).

I wanted to explore the idea of simply bringing my iPad into the field and leaving my laptop at home. My usual routine in the field has been to import my cards from the camera to the computer every chance I got in-between shoots, edit and deliver if called upon to, and use the computer for storage until I got home, then move the photographs and catalogs to my workstation.

I’m happy to report that with the help of the iPad Camera Connection Kit, I am able to import from my cards (or directly from the camera via USB) into the iPad, use it to display and store my photos, then import them normally into Lightroom when I get home. Easy as pie, no muss, no fuss.

I still don’t know if I’m confident enough to leave my laptop at home yet, or how I would feel about being robbed of my ability to edit in the field, but proving the concept opens the door.


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    Hey Peter. So glad you’re having as much fun with your iPad as I am with mine.

    Rox was in town a few weeks ago and I asked her to pick up a Camera Connection Kit at the Apple Store. They were out of the Kits and and the Apple Store online was reporting 2-3 weeks for delivery. So sounds like this is a “should have been in the box” component. I would happily pay the extra for these dongles to have been in the box.

    I’ve been using the “Bump” app to move photos from my iPhone to the iPad. It only moves 4 photos at a time but it’s been a fast and stable way to get photos from the iPhone to the iPad for editing and then uploading. But it obviously doesn’t address the image from SD card issue.
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    Just wondering how you get cf cards onto your ipad, i have tried connecting a card reader to the ipad with the usb connector but it wont work.

    Any suggestions for good lightroom type apps

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      I’ve made it work with a card reader, but not consistently. In my experience, it needs to be a fairly recent reader, and things need to be done in a specific order: turn on the iPad, then plug in the adapter, then the reader, then the card. Doesn’t always work though, I agree.

      There’s nothing out there that resembles Lightroom on the iPad right now. Adobe is about to come out with Photoshop Touch, but I don’t know what that looks like. I doubt it’ll do comprehensive photo management like Lightroom.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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