Hana Sunrise

I don’t get to shoot sunrises enough, as I live on the south side of Maui, where we get sunsets, as you might have seen in my landscape portfolio. I had a rare sunrise opportunity this morning in Hana, which is on the east side. Google said sunrise was at 6:15 a.m., so I headed out of my hotel room around 5:30 to find a likely spot to set up and watch the show.

Hana SunriseI love long exposures, especially when water is involved, and decided to make that a theme for this morning’s Hana sunrise. This first shot was a 30 second exposure at around 5:45. There wasn’t much light except where the sunrise was developing on the horizon, but that was bright enough so that I needed a 3-stop ND grad to bring out the ghostly effects water around the rocks in the foreground. As an added bonus, the clouds were moving quickly enough so an exposure this long captured some dramatic motion blur.

Hana SunriseAt 6:05, it was getting bright enough so I could get some nice swirl in the water and a little more detail all around the frame.

Hana Sunrise
Around 6:10, I noticed the clouds directly above the horizon were starting to flare up, so I turned the camera vertical to include them in the shot.

Hana SunriseI looked around and noticed the clouds all over the sky had started to light up, so I turned the camera horizontal again and kept shooting. I started to see some color being reflected in the water.

Hana SunriseI looked to the left and saw some nice pinks along the beach and in the waves, so I decided to change my composition to get those.

Hana SunriseAt 6:15, as promised, the sun cleared the horizon. The clouds were a fiery orange, and the reflections in the water were dramatic, especially with the long exposures.

What an amazing sunrise. I’m glad I was there to capture it. It was another reminder that we’re so blessed to be living on Maui.


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