Grand Wailea Fireworks New Year 2014

New Year's Fireworks 2014Just about every year, the Grand Wailea on Maui has a fireworks show at the stroke of midnight. It’s an institution. People occupy every beach or residence in Kihei within site of the Grand Wailea fireworks, often trying to compete with fireworks of their own.
New Year's Fireworks 2014This year, we visited with our friends Susan and Doug on New Year’s Eve and I was able to set up the tripod on their front lawn, which has an amazing view of Wailea. Fireworks are great when you can get up close, but sometimes shooting them from farther away yields a perspective you wouldn’t see otherwise. If you’re new to shooting fireworks, here are some tips you might appreciate.
New Year's Fireworks 2014Happy New Year from Maui. May your 2014 be awesome!


  1. Kathleen A. Costello says

    Great Photos Peter…………just FYI they are Not just Grand Wailea :0 All of Our Partners in Wailea Resort sponsors this NY Eve Tradition :)

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