Live-Tweeting an Event with a DSLR and an iPad

Old Lahaina Luau Hula Dancers

Many of you know that I’m a social media consultant in addition to being a photographer. This unlikely combination of occupations came about after going into photography professionally following a 25-year career in the computer industry, then spending more and more time answering questions about how I was using the Web to engage people about […]

How To Add Facebook Comments To Your Self-hosted WordPress Site In 3 Easy Steps

I just added the ability to post Facebook comments on blog posts. (See below!) Here’s the step-by-step on how to do it. Caveat: Facebook, as we all know, changes very rapidly and often without warning. As of this writing, this works fine, but no guarantees the next time they change something. Step 1: Create an […]

Lightroom Camera Calibration And User Presets

South Maui Sunset

One of the lesser known features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is Camera Calibration in the Develop module. Different camera sensors render color differently. Camera Calibration was developed to enable photographers to adjust the white balance, hue and saturation to “calibrate” the image so it matches more closely with what they intended when it was originally […]