Roxanne Tiffin

Roxanne Tiffin

I met Roxanne Tiffin almost three years ago, when I was first getting involved with Slow Food Maui. She owns a business called Kula Fields, where she and her husband deliver local farm fresh produce directly to homes on Maui and Oahu. We were already her clients by then, but then she eventually became my […]

Yvonne Biegel

Yvonne Biegel

Yvonne Biegel for a joint client of ours this morning and grabbed a few passing shots on Keawakapu Beach. Sometimes it’s the unplanned shoots that yield the best shots.

Danielle Vieth

Danielle Vieth

My new friend Danielle Vieth, wordsmith extraordinaire, is the Speaker Liaison on our TEDxMaui 2013 dream team. We needed a headshot for the team page on the TEDxMaui site and couldn’t find a good one, so I volunteered to take some. We ended up having a great time shooting at sunset on the beach in […]

Kathy Becklin Portrait Session

Kathy Becklin

My wife Kathy Becklin has been talking about needing new portraits for months, but we just haven’t been able to sync up schedules—I’m out, she’s out, wrong time of day for good light, she’s all dirty from gardening, I’m busy on a project for a client… on and on. We finally got an opportunity today, […]

Trading Headshots With My Friend Aubrey Hord

Aubrey Hord

Little known fact: every headshot I’ve used in my business until now has been a self-portrait. It’s true! Photographers aren’t comfortable taking up another photographer’s precious time and resources for something like a simple headshot unless they’re really good friends or happen to be shooting together anyway. I am fortunate to have a friend like […]

Maui Photo Festival: Brides

Maui Photo Festival 2011: Brides

The “Sunset Scramble” on the last day featured these lovely models in bridal dresses. It actually felt like a scramble and I wasn’t at all sure I got anything good until I looked at them in Lightroom. Thanks again to everyone who put in all the blood, sweat and tears to make this year’s Maui […]

Maui Photo Festival 2011: Hula

Maui Photo Festival 2011: Hula Photo Shoot

The sunset hula shoot is my favorite during the Maui Photo Festival. I never tire of watching this graceful ancient artform through my viewfinder, and I rarely get a chance to capture it up close like this. Our dancers, Kamie, La‘akea, Hoku, Tiasha, Lyssa and Olivia, worked very hard and did a fabulous job. There […]

Maui Photo Festival 2011: Danielle

Maui Photo Festival 2011: Danielle

We had a great Maui Photo Festival this year at the Hyatt Regency in Ka‘anapali. I haven’t been doing any “serious” shooting lately, so this was good for me. Being around other photographers and attending the classes got me back in the game. Here are the shots from one of our golden hour morning shoots. […]

Kali – Senior Photo Shoot


My friend Beth is visiting from the mainland with her daughter Kali and insisted on experiencing a Maui sunset yesterday. Well, the sunset didn’t really deliver, but there was just enough good light to do an impromptu shoot with Kali for her senior photos. I have a feeling these will be the pride (or envy) […]

Portraits of Jen Russo

Jen Russo

My friend Jen Russo and I have been trying to schedule a time to do some headshots for our Maui Social Media Users Group for several weeks. With both of us running around the island all the time, it’s been nearly impossible. Yesterday, we both happened to be on the west side, so she took […]