Uncertain Skies Over Kihei, Maui

Kihei Sunset Sky

I’m hearing reports of everything from light drizzles to drenching rain within just a five mile radius of where I live in Kihei, despite the fact that my house is bone dry. This is significant because we get very little rain in South Maui, especially in Kihei. The sunset sky certainly reflects this finicky weather […]

Wailea Sunset

Sunset at Hotel Wailea in HDR

I’m in the middle of gathering a portfolio for a project I’m doing, and finally had an excuse to shoot a scene at the Hotel Wailea that I’ve had in my mind since I first saw it several years ago. Not that I really needed an excuse, but it gave me a reason to get […]

Moonrise Over Pukalani

Moonrise at Sunset in Pukalani, Maui

Over the weekend, my friend Mike Neal invited a few photographers over to his house in Pukalani for dinner. While our spouses chatted over pupus, we took our cameras to his upper deck, the site of his #offthedeck series and grabbed a few shots. The sunrise didn’t do much, but the moonrise was pretty magical. […]

Sunday Sunset in Kihei, Maui in HDR

HDR Sunset in Kihei

Busy week coming up, so I thought I’d wrap up the weekend with a sunset. It actually fizzled, but I got some HDR out of it. I tried it with a 3-stop ND grad mounted this time.

Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby

Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby

The Hawaiian Whitespotted Toby (Canthigaster jactator) is one of our more common reef fish. They’re so small and plentiful, they tend be be ignored, but when I can get them to pose for me in macro, I’m reminded how pretty they can be.

HDR Study – Ali‘i Kula Lavender

Ali‘€˜i Kula Lavender: Sustainable Aloha Festival

I’ve developed a new habit. I’ve started shooting for HDR just for the heck of it whenever I can, even when I’m after conventional photographs. I mean, why not? It’s just pixels. I am now collecting work for a new HDR portfolio. Here are some from the weekend. I was at the Sustainable Aloha Summer Fest […]

Kihei Sunset Two Ways

Kihei Sunset, HDR, no filters, 8 exposures, artistically rendered.

The clouds were all set up to flare nicely during sunset this evening, but it didn’t really take off the way I imagined. Still, it’s hard to beat a Maui sunset, and it gave me a chance to do some experimenting. Comments are welcome. Enjoy… Traditional technique, 3-stop hard ND grad. HDR, no filters, 8 […]

Kihei Sunset in HDR

Kihei Sunset in HDR

Just because I couldn’t resist, and I’d been doing HDR all weekend, I had to indulge myself. Here are a few renderings of last night’s sunset at different stages. Which is your favorite?

Father’s Day Sunset on Maui

Kihei Sunset in HDR

A great evening to all the dads out there. Aloha…

Rooftop Sunset from South Kihei

Sunset from a Kihei Rooftop

When my friends Kim and Craig invited me to their house for the Premiere Party celebrating Season Two of Self Made in Hawaii, in which our Social Media Users Group was featured, I couldn’t resist asking if I could come early to shoot the sunset from their roof. When they built the second story addition […]