Grand Wailea Fireworks New Year 2014

New Year's Fireworks 2014

Just about every year, the Grand Wailea on Maui has a fireworks show at the stroke of midnight. It’s an institution. People occupy every beach or residence in Kihei within site of the Grand Wailea fireworks, often trying to compete with fireworks of their own. This year, we visited with our friends Susan and Doug […]

Maui Sunset in November

Kihei Sunset

One of the things I find fascinating about Maui sunsets is where the sun actually sets along the horizon depending on the time of year. Along the south shore, where I live, the sun sets behind the island of Lanaʻi during the “summer” months, so from my vantage point, it goes down behind the West […]

Hiking Across Haleakala Volcano

Haleakala National Park

Yesterday, I was part of a great group of intrepid adventurers who embarked on an epic 11-mile hike across the crater of Haleakala volcano, led by my good friend Katie McMillan for Gogobot Maui. Katie picked me up at the Halemau’u (switchbacks) trailhead, the end point of our hike (so there would be a car […]

Hana Sunrise

Hana Sunrise

I don’t get to shoot sunrises enough, as I live on the south side of Maui, where we get sunsets, as you might have seen in my landscape portfolio. I had a rare sunrise opportunity this morning in Hana, which is on the east side. Google said sunrise was at 6:15 a.m., so I headed […]

Valentine’s Day Sunset 2013 on Maui

Valentine's Day Sunset

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cloudy Sunset on Maui

Cloudy Keawakapu Sunset

It’s been cloudy in South Kihei lately, so the sunsets haven’t cooperated much, but this being the day before New Year’s Eve (and my not being available to shoot during sunset tomorrow) I decided to run down to Keawakapu Beach and give it a go. On days like this, it’s always fun to use the […]

A Maui Sunset, During and After

After a Maui Sunset

A typical sunset on a Maui beach. The first shot was right as the sun touched the horizon, and the second was a slow shutter taken afterwards. What a difference 20 minutes makes. Aloha…

Thanksgiving Sunset 2012

Maui Thanksgiving Sunset 2012

We’ve had a cloudy, voggy thing happening for the last few days. Paid off today. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunset at the Fairmont Kea Lani in HDR

Sunset at the Fairmont Kea Lani in HDR

It happens. Well, maybe more now that I’m getting older. I just found these shots on an SD card that I’d forgotten about. I was in a meeting at the Fairmont Kea Lani with the TEDxMaui team. Our producer was staying there for the annual Noble Chef event the next day (for which I was […]

Uncertain Skies Over Kihei, Maui

Kihei Sunset Sky

I’m hearing reports of everything from light drizzles to drenching rain within just a five mile radius of where I live in Kihei, despite the fact that my house is bone dry. This is significant because we get very little rain in South Maui, especially in Kihei. The sunset sky certainly reflects this finicky weather […]